(China) Zì Liú D – Farm food in Shunde

(China) Zì Liú D – Farm food in Shunde

In recent years, farm food is getting popular in China, especially for those people working in the city. During weekends, people do not mind driving few hours just craving for the primitive life, nature and get rid of monotonous working life.

Shunde is a small district area not far away from Guangzhou (10 mins away by fast train from Guangzhou south railway station). This restaurant is not far way after you get out from the train station, it’s around another 10 mins drive. The restaurant owns farmland, poultry farm and fish pond. They make dishes straight away with the freshly harvested veggies and ingredient.

Shunde food 

Salt Baked duck wings

Salt helps to bring out the flavor  and dehydrated the wings, rich in flavor but not as oily as deep dried wings.



Pan seared cuttlefish patties

I am not surprise with the taste of the cuttlefish patties because they are always good. As an authentic Guangdong people, cuttlefish patties exist in all kind of restaurants, hot pot place, dim sum, you name it! Minced cuttlefish mixed with isinglass, after “multiple times” of “Flapping” procedure which create tension and make the patties texture very chewy.


Stewed pork leg with plum juice

When it comes with pork leg, people would easily think of German pork leg. Barbecue pork legs are always be the perfect complement with beer. However, Chinese people can make pork legs with their own special receipts. They stewed the pork leg and plum juice with slow flame that left time for the pork meat to absorb the plum flavor. Slow cook would also ensure the meat stays tender.


Roasted duck dip with plum jam
steamed fish with salt














Location: Liang Ku Lu, Shunde Qu, Foshan Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

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