(China) Tou Tou Koi – a traditional Cantonese restaurant

(China) Tou Tou Koi – a traditional Cantonese restaurant

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There is a Chinese quote “Eat in Guangzhou, dead in Liuchow, live in Suzhou”. If you wonder how it means. I’d probably say Guangzhou is famous with its tasty food, Liuchow is famous of its wood (wood for making coffin), Suzhou is famous with pretty women. Guangdong cuisine is always been the most influential and popular Chinese food among other region of China. It is famous with its healthy cooking style and various of cooking ingredient.


This restaurant (Guangzhou Tou Tou Koi) has over 100 years of history. It currently has 8 branches over all the city and one branch in Fujian province.  The day that I visited was Saturday lunch time, it is crowded with people, it took me like 45mins to be served to dine in (there are plenty of chairs for you to seat and free ice water and ice tea to drink while you are waiting to be served)

The door front of Tou Tou Koi

Sweet Sour pork on the rock (冰震生炒骨)

Chinese people rarely eat cold dishes (even for desert, we prefer hot dishes), the well selected pork meat with the meat itself sandwiched by two layers of fat makes the texture very special, it tastes more like orange chicken in the westernized Chinese restaurant, but the ice helps to keep the crunchiness of the outside of the deep fried pork and keep the juice of the pork meat.

a bite of sweet and sour pork Sweet sour pork

Pan fried lotus root patties (煎藕餅)

This lotus root patty tastes quite plain to me, maybe I get used to heavy flavor food, but generally, the patties is very chewy and overall texture is very good.

Pan fried lotus root patties


Roasted duck (燒鴨)

I bet most of people have tried Chinese roasted duck, the taste of this roasted duck is superb, the duck skin is crispy ( I can tell its fresh made), eat with the sour plum dip perfectly increase your appetite.

roasted duck

Shirmp dumplings (蝦餃)

This iconic Guangdong dim sum dish is all over the world, but this one surprised me because the dumpling is juicy, just like a Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai soup dumpling). It has around 4-5shrimps stuffed inside a dumpling. Moreover, since the shrimps are wrapped with the flour wrapper, if the wrapper is too thick, its just like a chunk of flour stuff inside your mouth. This flour wrapper is so thin that you can easily see all the stuffing inside the dumpling.

shrimp dumpling a bite of shrimp dumpling

Cantonese Doughnut (油條)

Western Doughnuts are usually very sweet, however, Cantonese Doughnut is salty in flavor and we usually eat with congee. The doughnut is crunchy, but if you eat this alone that might feel a bit too oily.

cantonese doughnut

menu 1 menu2 menu3 menu5

Price: 4 / 5

Taste: 4 / 5

Location: Huifu E Rd, BeiJingLu, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510000

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