(THAILAND) Chicken BonChon in Bangkok, Thailand

(THAILAND) Chicken BonChon in Bangkok, Thailand

It was hot weekend in Thailand, I went to the restaurant where people said having the best Korean fried chicken wing in town. This place is called “Chicken BonChon”. After I did some research on my phone, I realized it is a Korean brand restaurant with a lot of branches all over the United States and they are expanding their business in other countries in Asia.

The signature dish of this restaurant is fried chicken wing, there are two flavors of chicken for you to choose, one is hot sauce and another one is garlic sauce. I ordered both flavors in the total of 18 pieces with salad and rice as a side dish.

The chicken skin is very crispy and highly-seasoned which is incredible yummy. The hot sauce flavor, to me is acceptable level of spiciness with a little of sweet and medium of saltiness. For the garlic flavor, the taste is also yummy but just a little too salty.

Moreover, I also ordered the Kimchi soup. Inside the bowl, contain white tofu in square shape, mushroom, kimchi, and raw egg. The soup is very concentrate and the flavor is very strong and spicy. My tongue was numb for a minute with the spiciness of the soup plus the extremely temperature hot of tofu. I kept drinking water to let this numb go away. And yes, next time I will definitely come to Chicken Bonchon again but probably just to eat the fried chicken wing not the soup.


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