(Macau) High quality, reasonable price seafood buffet in Macau- Brasserie de Paris

(Macau) High quality, reasonable price seafood buffet in Macau- Brasserie de Paris

Whenever people thought of Macau, I guess many of them will think of casinos,  however, it is also overwhelmed with many high class buffet restaurant. According to statistic from Macau government, Macau has nearly 40 5 stars hotels / resorts, all of them have fancy restaurants.  Imagine a small city  with the area of merely 33km square, it is stuffed with nearly 40 5 stars hotels / resorts, is it crazy?

Anyways, let’s get back to our topic for today. If you are looking for quality seafood buffet,  Brasserie de Paris from Legend Palace Hotel definitely will not let you down. Legend Palace Hotel is a newly built 5 stars hotel located inside Macau Fisherman’s wharf Fisherman’s wharf is a huge recreation area where consists of  hotels, casinos, shops, many high quality restaurants and good photo shooting spots.

Macau Fisherman’s wharf

Macau buffet

Legend Palace Hotel

Macau buffet

Brasserie De Paris

Macau buffet

The environment of the restaurant is very nice, you can also choose to sit in the outside area where you can enjoy the sea view and fireworks.

Macau buffet

Seafood Bar (All the seafoods are very fresh and replenish very quick once it ran out)

Macau buffet

The oyster is fat and fresh, I can taste the sea salt. Honestly, there would be the best oyster I have ever tasted in a buffet.

Macau buffet Macau buffet

Desert Section

Macau buffet

11 thoughts on “(Macau) High quality, reasonable price seafood buffet in Macau- Brasserie de Paris

  1. I always love to read your blog. I just feel that im right there while reading which is good!! Love all the food and place pictures. Awesome!

  2. Wow! I completely forgot that you were talking about Macau for a moment, the food especially the oysters looked sooooo good. They’re a fave of mine, and look at those desserts! yummy!

  3. Oh wow. Look at all that delicious seafood! My tummy just did a happy dance! Macau looks like a great place to visit for a foodie like me! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    1. Thanks. I am big fan of seafood as well, I always go to seafood buffet on my paycheck day. Lol, stay tune with my blog, I’ll keep updating and posting more food!!

    1. Yes. It is so true. Macau has many high quality buffet restaurants. If you happen to be around. You should give it a try.

  4. Wow, this looks absolutely stunning from the scenic views down to the food! What a great buffet, like nothing I’ve ever been too! I love seafood, especially oysters and the desserts look delicious.

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