(Recipe) How to make Pad Thai noodles in an easy way

(Recipe) How to make Pad Thai noodles in an easy way

Pad Thai noodles

Ingredient lists

  • -rice noodle 500 grams
  • -Bean Sprouts 500 grams
  • -Garlic Chives 20 Pieces
  • -banana blossom and Asiatic (as much as you like)
  • -Dried chilly 25 pieces (take all the seed out)
  • -peeled shallots 50 grams
  • -Shrimp paste 1 table spoon
  • -salt 1 table spoon
  • -coconut milk 2 boxes
  • -water 1 cup
  • -palm sugar 1 cup
  • -tamarind juice 1/4 cup
  • -Fish sauce 1 table spoon


1.Soak dried chillies in the lukewarm water until it’s soft then squeeze all the water out from dried chillies.

2.Put dried chillies, peeled shallots, salt, shrimp paste in the blender and turn on the blender until all the ingredients are mixed and grounded. (now that we get Pad thai spices)

3.Put Pad thai spices aside. Now turn on the stove in low and pour coconut milk on the pan. Stir it until the milk is swell and bubble.

4.Add Pad thai spices in coconut milk and stir back in forth until well mixed.

5.Add palm sugar, fish sauce, tamarind, and water, then stir until the sugar melt. Try it, check whether the sour, salty, and sweet taste are go well together or not.

6.Once the taste is perfect, then add rice noodle (that been soaked up in water for 5 minutes). Turn up the stove to medium low and stir it until the noodle is soft and it adsorbs all the sauce.

7.Put noodle in the plate and decorate with the raw veggies  (Bean Sprouts, Garlic Chives, banana blossom and Asiatic)

pad thai pad thai

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  1. That’s a great recipe.
    I was thinking of cooking some noodles tonight.
    My personal habit is to sprinkle some curry. Delicious.

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