(Macau) Oktoberfest at MGM Cotai

(Macau) Oktoberfest at MGM Cotai

Oktoberfest is the world largest beer festival takes place in Munich, Germany. The festival is held in the late September to the first weekend in October, last around 2 weeks. During the festival people gather to sing German songs, wear tradition German clothing, dance and drink beer like crazy. As everybody might know Macau has many luxurious hotels, resorts and casinos. Among them, the US based hotel giant MGM group is responsible of holding the “Macau version of Oktoberfest”  for the past 9 years. This year is the 10th Oktoberfest Macau and was specially held in the brand new built resort – The MGM Cotai.

Me and my friends went there at the last day of the festival, it was my first time being in the festival and I was excited, there were multiple queues waiting at the ticket counters and the entrance area. We were lucky to be able to sit fairly close to the stage.

Oktoberfest Macau

Oktoberfest Macau

Oktoberfest Macau

There are not much food in the menu, I guess food isn’t the point of the event. Oktoberfest is all about drinking beer! We ordered the combine set (it has the grilled German pork leg, grilled chicken, hot dogs, bean paste and pickles.), grilled chicken with salad and grilled fish with crispy bread. The only food that I appreciate is the pork leg, the skin is so crispy and the meat is tender, I like it with the Tabasco sauce. Both the grilled fish and grilled chicken are okay, but the crispy bread was not crispy at all, it’s so hard to bite. Sorry that I didn’t take good pictures of the food because the light over there was dim.

German pork leg

I really like all the performers, all of them are good at driving the atmosphere, they danced crazy, sung crazy and invited people to be on the stage for mini games. I like all the interactions. People were hyper,  buzzed by the beer.

MGM Oktoberfest  is definitely a good place to relax yourself after your day job. Even it is a bit pricy, if you happen to be around during the mentioned period, it is worthwhile to be part of the carnival! Let me know how do you celebrate Oktoberfest in your country!

12 thoughts on “(Macau) Oktoberfest at MGM Cotai

  1. that is an interesting combine plate so many different flavors that don’t necessarily go together. as someone who’s never been to octoberfest i would assume there’d be lots of food to buy.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  2. Wow, didn’t know Macau has October Fest too. Seems like a great event, and the food looks appetizing. I bet there’s a lot of drinking too 🙂

  3. This looks so fun., I been to Macau few years ago and i love it there. Foods were amazing.
    I never been into an Oktoberfest but i will love to experience it someday!

  4. This looks like such a fun event! I’ve never been to one myself, probably because I don’t like beer. But the atmosphere of this seemed good.

  5. I been in Macau 2 years ago and living there in a short period of time I can that this place is really beautiful plus they also have beautiful spots that you can visit and you can love it. I have never know that they also held October fest in that place and it sounds really a lot of fun.

  6. Over here, German pork leg has to have either black sweet sauce or seafood sauce to dip with. so that it won’t be taste too greesy 🙂

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