(Recipe) Traditional Portuguese Dessert Serradura pudding – 4 Easy Steps

(Recipe) Traditional Portuguese Dessert Serradura pudding – 4 Easy Steps

Serradura pudding is originated from Portugal, but developed in Macau. It is a regular pudding layered with biscuit crumbs. Macau as a former Portuguese colony and world class tourist attraction, it helps to bring this traditional dessert to the world.

Now I am going to show you how to make Serradura pudding with just simple 4 steps.


  • biscuit (half pack)
  • condensed milk (a little bit)
  • whipping cream (250g)
  • green tea powder (a little bit)
  • salt (a little bit)



1. Crack the biscuit into small pieces, blend them into crumbs with the blender.

.green tea serradura

2. Put whipping cream, condensed milk and a little bit of salt together and mix with hand mixer. Mix them well until the texture is thick and creamy. ( I personally like savoury cream, so I put salt in it, you may ignore it if you do not want the cream to be salty.)

green tea serradura

3. Put the biscuit crumbs at the bottom layer (foundation), then put mixed cream on the top of it. Repeat this process until the entire cup is filled up. Please to make sure the first layer has to be the crumbs.

green tea serradura

4. Sift the green tea powder to the mold of your choice to create beautiful pattern.

green tea serradura

5. Remove the mold and it is all done, please enjoy the dessert.

green tea serradura

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  1. That is an awesome dessert that I am going to try over the weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the steps.

  2. This Is a super pretty dessert and I know that it has to be so delicious! Thank you for sharing and will keep this in mind for my next dessert! Simple and delicious… what is not to love?

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