(Thailand) The best budget steak house in Thailand – Sizzler steak house

(Thailand) The best budget steak house in Thailand – Sizzler steak house

Today I was planning to have something light and healthy for lunch just because of my stomach is not ready for heavy meal. Okay, so I chose to come to Sizzler restaurant. Sizzler salad bar have varies of veggies, grains, fruits, soup, salad dressing and desserts for you to have as much as you like in only for 149 baht (4.5 USD).

sizzler thailand

For most of the time that I come, I have to line up for at least 10-15 minutes, but today I am lucky, waitress called out my number faster because the two numbers ahead of me wasn’t present. I was served a table, the waiter handed me the menu which I actually don’t need it because I know that I want to order only salad. Oh well, I flipped from page to page and the Australian Chopped Teriyaki Steak just caught my eyeballs. I guess that my body needs to consume some protein as well. Good excuse, isn’t it?

sizzler garlic toast bangkok

Sizzler also served you with their famous garlic toast before you main courses come.  Their garlic bread probably is the best I have tried in town. They put the toast with butter and their special garlic sauce into the baker. The toast turned out very crunchy and rich in garlic taste.

Sizzler’s Steaks

sizzler thailand beef steak

sizzler thailand grilled chicken steak

I expected the meat should be a little red inside because I told the waitress I want the beef to be medium rare. Hmm, I don’t see any red in my meat, but lucky that the meat wasn’t too tough. One thing I need to points out is that when I eat beef, I want to not only the taste of the beef but also the smell of it. However, if I close my eyes, I do still know this is beef, but the flavor is too strong that cover the beef smell, which I deducted little score from it.

sizzler thailand beef steak

What I have for side dishes are baked potatoes and fried onion. They taste wonderful. The butter’s smell is so great and goes very well with the hot baked potato. The fried onion is crunchy all the way even I left it cool.

Salad and fruit bar

sizzler salad bar bangkok sizzler salad bar bangkok


At the salad bar, what I love the most is steam pumpkin. It’s a little sweet, soft, and smooth. My favorite salad dressing is Caesar salad because I love the sense of garlic. For the soup, there are few kinds of soup to choose, pumpkin soup, mushroom cream soup and Borscht. I would choose mushroom cream soup to dip with crunchy cheese bread. The soup help lower the salty taste from the bread which I think it’s good.

sizzler thailand

Let’s go to fruit bar, they have watermelon, grape, cantaloupe, and pineapple.

sizzler salad bar bangkok


sizzler dessert bar bangkok

They have red jello, green jello, chocolate mousse, blueberry mousse, and crème brulee. I had about 5 crème brulee because it’s very creamy and yummy. I love the sense of caramel with the real smooth texture in every bite. I will surely come here again and try something else next time, do not miss to order  “Sizzler salad bar” for your next visit.  I would score 4.5 out of 5 for today meal.

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  1. I love that you shared this budget steak house to check out when in Thailand. I am sure that many of my friends who’re traveling here will enjoy this recommendation.

  2. I have never been there and it looks like a nice place to visit and to dine, their food looks really good and tasty most especially that Steak!

  3. So long it gets affordable for people. Thats key process. I think i love this. Warm and nice settings for the environment and the steak sure looks yummy and nice. I want a taste right now.

  4. The food looks so delicious that they have more delicacy dishes to offer from appetizers to dessert.

  5. that spread looks so good it made my mouth water. If I ever find myself in Thailand I will have to visit this budget friendly steak house, YUM!

  6. Do they cook the steak well? I mean the way you like it? One of my problems with our local steakhouses is, you tell them to cook it medium well, you still get well done. Now I order medium rare and I still get almost well done. Crazy.

  7. Oh yum, now I’m hungry. All of this food looks amazing. If I’m ever in Thailand, I’d go here.

  8. The steak looks amazing in the photo but I am like you I like the smell of the steak to radiate from the plate. Ruth Chris is the place with best steaks in town but we cannot consistently afford those prices

  9. Steak is my husband’s favorite! I didn’t know there is best budget steak house in Thailand. What a great deal!

  10. Unfortunately I am unable to travel to Thailand but I have a group of friend who travel there every year so I will be asking them if they have been to this place, if not I will tell them to give it a go and let me know what it’s like! Thank you for this!

  11. I love steaks … and having them on budget really appeals to me! I’ll definitely check out this place when I’m in the neighbourhood! 🙂

  12. Many choices of dishes! My mouth starts watering. I feel so hungry right now. Yummy foods

  13. That steak looked yummy. I am like you though in that I want my steak to be medium rare. I like it to be very pink, so I would have felt the same way. That fruit bar looks delicious though.

  14. I just love Thai food and this restaurant looks like the perfect way to spend a great afternoon with the family! We are visiting next year and I will make sure we have a meal here!

  15. Wow there’s so much food to cgoose from!! Im mak8ng sure that this goes to my must-visit places to eat when I go to Thailand!!

  16. I’ve never been in steakhouse because I’m not the biggest fan of steaks but all those meals on your pictures look so delicious that I may be able to try them:)

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