(Thailand) Erawan National Park Thailand And Authentic Thai food

(Thailand) Erawan National Park Thailand And Authentic Thai food

Erawan National Park is named as the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. It locates in Kanchanaburi province not too far from Bangkok (The capital of Thailand). If you want some natural scenery and landscape tour to fit your itinerary in Bangkok. Erawan National Park is the best choice for you to spend a day.

How to go to Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park is about 200km northwest away from Bangkok. There is no direct public transportation to the waterfall, you may either rent a car or follow local tour. The Erawan waterfall one day local tour price is around 1500Baht (USD45) which includes round trip transportation cost, lunch and park entrance fee, the tour will pick you up at your hotel in the early morning and drop you down at the designated place after the trip.

My girlfriend and I have experience driving in Thailand. So we decided to drive there by ourselves, the one-way journey took me around 3 hours.

How to start your visit to Erawan national park

It is pretty easy. After you paid for the entrance fee (200 Baht per permit for foreigner) of the national park, you will see the touring golf cars not far from the parking lot, there are restaurants, shops where you can stop by for the swimming suits. You can pay 30Baht per person for a one-way ride on the golf car directly to the entrance of the hiking trail (There is only one trail open for hiking, therefore it is pretty easy to follow).

erawan waterfall

The hiking trail is summed up with 7 tiers where you can go from bottom to the top, as I read the introduction of the trail, it is categorized as a beginner level and suitable for kids. But  I feel like the difficulty is getting a lot tougher after tier 5 (Level 5), where you may expect to strode across the water, slippery stones, climb between rocks and steep stairs.

erawan waterfall erawan waterfall

erawan waterfall erawan waterfall

The water is getting so blue and clear when you are hiking up along the trail. You can see people chilling and swimming with the fishes.

erawan waterfall erawan waterfall

It took like 2 hours to hike up the entire trial and 45 minutes to get back down to the starting point. It was enjoyable tho and all views are captivating.

Authentic Thai food near the waterfall

After hiking for a few hours, our stomachs were so ready for late lunch, we look for the restaurant through Wongnai App, Wongnai is the top website in Thailand where people share restaurant recommendations and food reviews. You can easily find local delicacy even you are in the middle of nowhere.

We found Bann Ton Nam coffee & Restaurant on Wongnai with a pretty decent review. The environment is very nice and has a parking area outside the restaurant. Maybe we came here late at 3 p.m, there were not many people.

Erawan Waterfall restaurant Erawan Waterfall restaurant Erawan Waterfall restaurant

Deep fried fish with Thai mango salad dipping

Thai deep fried fish with mango salad dipping

Spicy coconut Chicken soup (Tom Kha Gai)

Spicy coconut Chicken soup (Tom Kha Gai)

Deep-fried shrimps

I really like the deep-fried cereal on the top

deep fried shrimp


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  1. Mm, the food looks delicious, firstly. The waterfall is so beautiful – would love to visit here so much!

  2. The pics are beautiful… Many of my friends have visited Thailand as honeymooners, I don’t know if they have visited this place. Would surely recommend them 🙂

  3. The waterfall looks so pretty, definitely worth the 2 hours hike. It’s awesome that you can swim with the fish at the bottom. I think it’s a very refreshing way to end the hike.

  4. Authentic and delicious food after a swim is just perfect for holidaying. Deep fried shrimps is my favourite, never had coconut chicken soup before, would love to try.

  5. What a neat place to visit. The water looks so pretty there – I love the color but that you can also see into the water. And the dining looks nice too.

  6. Oh wow your pictures are amazing! I went to Bangkok but it was at the end of my Thailand trip so we wouldn’t have had time to get here. I wish I had known about it before though. Thank you for sharing this! If I ever get back there hopefully I can go!
    xo Chelsea | https://completelychelsea.com

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