(Recipe) Homemade Detox Vitamin Water

(Recipe) Homemade Detox Vitamin Water

In the hot summer, you need a refreshing drink. It is a fruit infused detox vitamin water, refrigerated drink of various fruits, vegetables and herbs. It has fresh fruit and unlimited vitality. At the same time, this detoxification water is also deeply loved by people on diet.  A cup of fruit and vegetable detoxification water is better than various summer drinks. This detoxification water also has the function of slimming your body. The calories are very low. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. You will not get fat even you drink a lot. You can choose seasonal fruits in your country as part of the ingredient. For me, I like the waxberry which helps with the feeling of thirsty.


Lemon —- Half

Waxberry —– 6 to 8 pcs

Orange —- Half

Cucumber —- Half

Mint —- A little bit


1.Prepare ingredients and pick some fresh mint

detox vitamin water recipe

2. Waxberry soaks in salt and clean throughly few times.

detox vitamin water recipe

3. Soak the orange and lemon with baking soda water to remove pesticide residues. Then wash the cucumber with tap water several times.

detox vitamin water recipe

4. Wash the mint  and placed it in a cup, gently squeezed with a rolling pin to allow the mint to release juice

detox vitamin water recipe

5. Cut lemon, orange and cucumber into slices.

detox vitamin water recipe

6. Put the fruit in the cup, put the bayberry first, then put the orange, lemon and cucumber

detox vitamin water recipe

7. Finally pour into cold water, cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

detox vitamin water recipe

Little Tip

1. This detox vitamin water is a bit sour, you can add some honey. You can put any fruit that you like.


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